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Custom Laundry Cabinets | Kitchener Waterloo

Custom made Laundry Cabinets, Closet Organizers, Wardrobes, Mudrooms, Storage Organization.

Made locally, serving Kitchener Waterloo and area since 1997.


Custom Laundry Cabinets | Kitchener Waterloo

Basement Remodeling with Custom Built-in Cabinets

Basement remodeling in Kitchener Waterloo with custom built-in cabinets. Updated doors and trim, stairs and handrails.  Built-in Custom cabinets and bookcase. Brick fireplace was removed, gas unit installed, custom tile surround with hand made wood mantel installed. New LED pot lights.

Painting Oak Cabinets White

Golden oak wall unit cabinets painted white color. Cabinet structures painted by hand on site. Doors were taken for spray paint shop. New small door was added in bar area. New modern hardware installed. Another homeowner made Happy!

Door and Trim | Kitchener Waterloo

         Doors and Trim | Trim Carpentry in KW


Are you looking for new door and trim installation in Kitchener Waterloo? Finishing basement or replacing old doors and trim in the house? We will supply and install doors, trim, hardware. Quality workmanship at fair cost. Reliable, always on time, since 1997. 


Doors and trim. Kitchener Waterloo. By Demas Wodworx.

Door Trim Molding Installations Kitchener Waterloo




      Interior Doors and trim

                                       – Hardware installation

                                       – Crown molding

                                       – Retrofit new doors into old frames                             







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