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Hobby Room Cabinets | Sewing room


DREAM BECOMES REALITY (customer story)

For as many years as I Hobby room cabinets | Sewing roomcan remember I have been busy sewing, quilting, painting, cross stitching, knitting, scrap booking – you name it –and for all of these years  I have sat amongst literally piles of supplies, which were stacked on any variety of old kitchen tables and rickety bookcases, and in totes, baskets, and cardboard boxes.  A continual, recurring dream over all these years was of having the perfect, organized sewing/craft room…. to have a room designed for me and my hobbies.

Recently this “dream” was given the go-ahead light to become a reality. I set to task thinking of how my room needed to be set up and what I needed in order to function.   Dmitri, with his design and construction knowledge was able to take my sketchy ideas and turn them into detailed plans.

Now, I can say “I am living my dream.”  In no time at all, Dmitri has helped to make it a reality.  His expertise was evident from the moment the planning began, but became even more apparent when he began to install.  His attention to detail was astounding.  My room now contains a moveable cutting table, which is the ideal height for me and has storage for equipment right at my fingertips.  My computer and sewing machines are located on a beautiful expansive desktop allowing for wide open creativity.  And all those piles of supplies?  They are stored in a place of their own – out of sight but right at my finger tip.  To me, this is truly Heaven.



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Sliding Doors with specialty Track.

While we like the layout of the rooms in our home, we did not have a room on the main floor that could be closed off from the rest of the house.  This meant that one of us could not read or listen to music while the other one of us watched TV or was carrying on a conversation.  The living room has double doors entering from the front hallway but had no doors between the living room and the dining room 5’ opening.

We had often thought about putting in pocket doors but hesitated because we knew it would be a fairly major project and would create quite a mess.  Then we thought about creating a wooden frame against the dining room wall that would allow us to hang the pocket doors in the dining room.

We approached Dmitri Demas to build the frame and he found that there is actually a commercial track system that accomplishes exactly that.  He ordered the system and the doors that matched the existing doors to the front hall.  We matched the trim to what is in the kitchen.  It looks like the doors and woodwork have been there since the beginning.

With the doors closed, the room is quite quiet now even with noise being made in the kitchen or from the TV.  As a side benefit, we have an attractive shelf to safely display our special plates.

By J.A. homeowner