Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom renovation ideas

Bathroom renovation ideasAre you looking for some bathroom renovation ideas? Is it time, you think you can`t stand your outdated or leaking bathroom or shower? Well, this can be quite overwhelming. You have probably heard  from your friends or neighbors how expensive it is and how wrong renovation can go.  Well, please talk to those who had a good home improvement experience.

The best thing  is to take it slow and do one step at the time. Where do you get bathroom renovation ideas? From friends, magazines, showrooms, internet, or hire interior designer. We at Demas Woodworx have remodeled dozens of bathrooms in a past and can give you many suggestions free of charge. That`s what we do, design as we go. Whether it`a simple basic upgrading or luxury remodeling – we can definitely help. First we visit you and measure the bathroom, discuss general options – what fixtures and materials will suite the job better. Then we send you to our local suppliers to choose the styles and models you like. The friendly staff will give you a personal attention and guide you through many options available. If you are a senior, please check some safety products for special needs.

Once you have your bathroom renovation ideas settled and plan figured out, we will give you a free estimate, based on chosen materials and fixtures. Good thing about that: if we don`t get the job, you still have your entire bathroom renovation plan ready to go. If we get a job, which I hope, the work and payment schedules are discussed.

We are always  on time and keep our projects in a timely manner. Our trades are friendly and maintain job sites clean. We guarantee a superior craftsmanship, attention to detail and positive experience during your bathroom remodeling project. Seniors are welcome as well, we`ll give you a special attention.

Please watch our photo gallery for your bathroom renovation ideas.

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